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Where Truth Matters

Our youth and young adults are being raised in a society that has largely rejected the notions of truth and morality. In their feeble minds, they see truth as matter of taste; morality has been replaced by individual preference. During my travels as a short-term missionary pastor, I often wonder what does the world think about America? What are they thinking when they see flashed across their television that Americans can’t understand which bathroom to use; can’t distinguish the difference between art and pornography; male or female; parental rights under attack by school boards; and the list goes on.

I believe with my whole heart that our youth and young adults are being raised in the most morally confusing times in the history of America. The fault lies with everyone to include the local church. Let me explain – when our young adults leave for college, they often-times leave the local church and this has become a major concern. One reason could be they were never really converted in the visceral of their soul. Another could be, they grew up on the elementary teachings of God’s Word.

Here at Turning Point, our mission is to teach and preach the Word of God through saturation. What does saturation mean and what does it look like? Saturation means we present a clear gospel message that spiritually soaks everyone at their level. Every aspect of ministry will inspire individuals to live out obedient lives to Christ. What it looks like is a radical change from the norm. No longer will we “go” to church. That is an oxymoron. We will no longer view church as an event, but an experience. Our biblical messages will challenge and convict people that we are called to saturate our culture. Conviction matters to God and it ought to matter to us. Conviction initiates change by allowing the Holy Spirit to reveal areas within our lives that we must surrender to God.

Let’s be honest. I am not speaking to the half-hearted Christian; nor am I speaking to the

double-minded believer. My appeal is to those who want more than mere Sunday morning

Christianity. Turning Point Christian Church exists to reach the unconnected and connect them to Christ by modeling a change set of behaviors. Our doors are open to all who seek to become passionate followers of Christ.

The personal invitation has been offered.

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