• Joe Reed

What Will Become Of The Church?

The following statements are the thoughts of the Lead Pastor and not endorsed by the congregation.

As the country moves into a post COVID posture, my mind dwells on what the church will look like going forward. By and large, Christians have become comfortable with church online. The pandemic pushed many local fellowships to temporary suspend worship gatherings and in doing so, we may have opened the door to complacency. Now the mantra becomes, “Worship service is online; therefore, I don’t have to get dressed to attend.” I can simply turn the camera off and halfheartedly listen.

I will be the first to admit Zoom was a welcome reprieve for us, but I constantly reminded membership that we won’t always be on Zoom. But I sense a hesitancy among the church. Yet, we must never abandon corporate worship. For when we gather, the watching world sees the body come together. How can they see the body, if we remain in our homes? Hence, the hesitancy to return because I have adjusted to what has become the new normal.

Not so at Turning Point Christian Church. For we believe God is re-calling the church to authentic worship and fellowship. We see our potential from God’s viewpoint and our desire is to pursue and discover what God has written on our hearts. Look around. You see men and women seeking answers to the tough questions of life. They are spiritually searching, and we are encouraged by the opportunity to present a clear gospel message.

Here's the challenge. Hear God’s invitation and encounter the potential God sees in you. This will position you to pursue what God has written on your heart. You can experience that here at Turning Point Christian Church. Now is the time to return. Now is the time to worship. The times in which we live requires it.

Pastor Joe

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