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What A Difference A Year Has Made

The following statements are the thoughts of the Lead Pastor.

BLESSED BIRTHDAY Turning Point Christian Church! July 4 marks the celebration of our church anniversary and is a time for reflection; an occasion for pause and to offer thanksgiving for God’s steadfast love and kindness bestowed upon us. As the church looks back, we learn from our past; trust God for the present and looking ahead to the future with greater hope. Truly what Almighty God has called Turning Point church to do is serious ministry - the presentation of a clear gospel message is our highest priority.

In these turbulent days, the church must keep in mind that what we do now, we are doing for future generations. Turning Point church must remain relevant, vibrant and engaged so that we could be “sincere and without offence till the day of Christ” (Phil. 1:10b).

As Lead Pastor, I am honored and humbled to be associated with a congregation that has a “mind” to work; a heart to support foreign missionaries in Japan and Costa Rica; and a heart that places a premium on supporting outreach efforts in the local community. Turning Point Christian Church is committed for the long haul! For those who have invested time, energy and financial resources toward the expense of this evangelical ministry, be assured that your sacrifices are deeply appreciated and received in love.

There's no denying that this church community is a gift from the Lord Himself.

Pastor Dr. Joseph Reed

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