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Our Ministries Start With Having The Right Perspective

God is raising up a new army of Kingdom perspective believers who refuse to be silenced by an ever shifting culture. What the Christian church are witnessing an era change, a shift in perceptions and assumptions that largely has put the church on the defensive. 

Here at Turning Point Christian Church, our goal is to raise up the next generation of apologists.  Christians who are not afraid to engage the marketplace. Not afraid to present a clear gospel presentation wherever they may find themselves.

For it is embedded in our spiritual DNA that nothing is dearer to the heart of our Lord than getting the gospel out to a lost and dying world.


Here at Turning Point Christian Church we are all about traditional marriages.  We believe that healthy marriages and families build into the bedrock of society and the local church. Our goal is to spiritually teach sound doctrine as it relates to marriage and family.




Women's ministry is based on affirming relationships in Christ.  Some women are new mothers; new wives and new to the area.  This ministry is geared towards developing holy listening without judgment; affirming spiritual renewal.  Still in the early stage of development.


External Ministries

This ministry encompasses any ministry external to Turning Point Christian Church.  It can include prison/jail ministry; preparing bag lunches for the homeless; visiting assisted living facilities; short-term missions; Kairos, Epiphany,  etc.  



Our kid's church ministry is in the development phrase.  We believe our kids should see in their parents godly behaviors.  Kid's church ministry is not just about play, but biblical stories that impart and impact.



A man needs his Christian brothers if he is to survive the challenges and temptations before him.  Turning Point Christian Church' strength lies within the activity of its men.  Every man is encouraged to attend our monthly men's gathering where affirming accountable relations grow.  


Single's Ministry

The purpose of Turning Point Christian Church Singles Ministry is to teach singles how to live a productive life for Christ no matter where they are in their single hood. It also teaches them how to be successful where God has them at this season in their life and how to prepare to be where they are asking God to take them.

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