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About Us:
Our History

Through circumstances, ordered by God, this group came together to form Turning Point Christian Church. This is how Father God brought Turning Point Christian Church into realization.


Our story begins in early October of 2020. This small group of followers of Jesus Christ found themselves “scattered sheep”. Dr Joseph Reed, affectionately known as Pastor Joe, ask that each of us pray for God to order our steps to lead us through our circumstances. This led to our first Bible study on October 28th, 2020, at 7 PM. We were an excited group of individuals who recognized the importance of this event, because accurate decisions should always be centered through the will of God.


It did not take long for our group of believes to want more. At our second Bible study just a week later, we asked Paster Joe to consider starting Sunday Worship Services. Being a man of faith, he stated he would pray on it and ask God to guide him.  If you have not noticed, we are a praying group of individuals who know and trust in the power of prayer. If we are asked to pray for someone or a situation, we pray. We do not have to know the individual in need of prayer, because The Father does, and we trust and believe He hears all prayers.


A couple of weeks later, on November 11, Pastor Joe acknowledged God’s directions and informed God’s scattered sheep we would begin Sunday morning Worship Services on Zoom.  We were so excited since many of us had search elsewhere for what God brought to us through Pastor Joe and we were struggling.  Our first Sunday Worship service on November 15, 2020, at 8:00 AM and it was like freedom for us for we love the Lord and had missed Sunday devotional. Overseeing the service that day was Dr. Joe Reed, Lead Pastor and in attendance was Mother Roberta Cook, Brothers John Cook and Rodney Cook, Sisters Sonya Brooks, Maria Cook, Christine Cook, Korie Hawthorne-Corbin, and (me) Andrea Fortune. The sermon was titled ‘Living in the Risen Life” and was based on Colossians 3:14. We had Invocational and Congressional Prayers, a Scripture Reading and we listened to songs of praise. Through Pastor Joe, The Father provided an understanding of how we came to this point in our lives and what was required from us to stay in God’s will.  We acknowledged Jesus Christ as our savior, we gave thanks to The Father and The Son, all while allowing the Holy Spirit to be present and to fill us. And we laughed!  For we are happy to be surrounded by others who know and understand God’s grace and mercy sustains us daily.


During these early days, this likeminded group of believers came to realize and be proud of the fact that we are all “Prayer Warriors” who believe in helping others.  While we prayed for guidance, God led us to feed the homeless and insured those who had less than we had received needed food and clothing; just a little something to help them get through their day. One Sunday morning after some discussions amongst ourselves, we asked Pastor Joe about forming a church.  If it be God’s will, we wished a home to worship in and a place to train others to walk as Jesus walked.  Pastor Joe, as always, stated he must pray on our request.  He directed us to do the same and reminded us to be patient.  We prayed as a group, and individually; for supporting each other comes naturally to us.   It took Pastor Joe nearly two weeks to give us God’s answer and we were thankful to learn Father God not only answered our prayers, but He also gave us direction and purpose.


As things began moving swiftly, we prayed on the name Turning Point Christian Church (TPCC) and that our Church Pillar’s would be “Prayer and Unity”.  We also agreed TPCC would align with the doctrine of the First Century church in the Bible: eyewitness to the resurrection of Jesus Christ; purity of the Word (accurate oral transmission); male dominate leadership and swiftly dealt with heresy). Pastor Joe made certain we realized what was needed to set up a church and all that would be required from each of us; from our personal time, the use of our God given talents, and a sincere dedication to ensuring the church’s structure is founded on Jesus Christ and supported by Scripture. Saturday January 9, 2021, was the first of many Saturday meetings to establish our By-Laws and Constitution.  This document finalizes our purpose and places our spiritual foundation on paper to lead and guide our current and future churches.


Since our first gathering in October there have been many meetings with lots of laughter and a continued acknowledgement that we are God's children, and as such, part of our responsibility is to bring others to Jesus Christ. We signed the lease to rent this building on June 8.  Today, July 4th, 2021, is Turning Point Christian Church’s first Worship Service in a physical building.  We recognize that each of you here today are a representative of Christ’s Church. We feel blessed and are thankful you choose to be here today, for all are welcome who wish to seek knowledge of Jesus Christ through our church.  Over the past several months our heavenly Father has brought many visitors to our Wednesday Bible Study and Sunday Worship Services.  We are truly thankful for everyone who chose to join us and wish to thank them for supporting us along the way, whether for a lifetime or just for a moment in time.  We feel truly blessed that some have chosen to stay with us permanently for they and others who graced us with their presence, heard God’s call and understood He wished for them to support His children with their love for Him and their knowledge of whom He wishes us to become. Thank you for blessing us with your prayers, time and talents.


May God continue to bless you as you walk in the direction that He has orders for your steps.   God’s children at TPCC are scattered sheep no more.  We will keep you in our prayers and ask that you pray that “God will continue to strengthen this body to go forth and connect the unconnected to Our Lord Jesus Christ”.  Amen. Thank you.

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